Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gender Wars

The other day I came across a game that has been gathering dust for years, literally, and I decided I wanted to play it. Its a Dos game and Dosbox annoys me, so I set about finding a way to play it without it. After alot of messing around I got it to install and play. So heres how to do that. Note: I have only done this on XP, so if you're using any other system this might not work.

1. Download and install VDM Sound
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

2. Insert the cd, hold down the shift key to stop it from autorunning the setup program.

3. Manually open the cd (right-click cd drive and click open or explore).

4. Right-click the install.exe and click run with VDMS.

5. Keep the install location as-is (C:/GW), and press enter. After this it will ask for your sound card. Select the Sound Blaster 16, or Sound Blaster AWE 32 and then select detect hardware. It should find something. Test the sound, and if all is working select Sound is ok and press anter.

The game is now installed.

To play:

1. Go the the install folder (C:\GW), right-click the gw.exe and set the compatibility to Windows 95.

2. Open Command Prompt, and click to maximize the window (even if it doesn't change size, it is important oddly enough)

3. Type in the following lines (pressing enter after each, the last one starts the game)

cd C:\Program Files\VDMSound
cd C:\GW

Alternatively you can download this batch file that does all of the above, so you don't have to type it every time. Just unzip and run the game using the batch file.
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

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Anonymous said...

hey bro when i start prince of persia forgotten sand game it raise this error like
your graphic card does't support shader model 3.0 whih is required for this game
my pc config is
dual core E5200
160gb Hdd:2Gb ram

plzz help how can i fix this