Monday, January 11, 2010

Sims 3 World Adventures Random Crash Fix

The reason why this game crashes so often is because it doesn't have a frame rate limit...basically what that means to you is its trying to fry your graphics card...literally...and therefore crashes the game or your system...or causes a black/blue screen error...don't we just love those??

A way to get around it is to use a frame rate limiter.

Here's one I use...because its easy:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

1. To use it unzip it...double click the FPS_Limiter_GUI.jar...browse for World Adventures exe (usually C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 World Adventures\Game\Bin\TS3EP01.exe).

2. set your maximum fps to at least 60.

3. Click to create a bat file...this makes it so you don't have to do any of the above easier.

4. Play using the bat file.


Angie Jackson said...

Just wanted to let you know: Today when talking to a 3rd level supervisor at EA about their crappy product testing, we gave them the URL to this blog and told them they should hire YOU to do product testing for them instead of whoever they currently have

It was a 3 hour long conversation. I have a feeling they might listen.

Yagami said...

You just made my day Angie! If they listen it would be a breakthrough, just think a bug-free sims game. How great would that be?

Honestly though, I think we all deserve to be paid by them, we are their beta testers after-all, or so it seems.

singinglupines said...

I was doing some browsing to try and find why the WA expansion kept crashing my computer and I'd like to try your solution. Just a quick question about step 4. Do I replace TS3EP01.exe with the bat file I just created?

Yagami said...

singinglupines, just use the bat file as if it was a shortcut to the game. No need to replace the game exe with it.

Emma said...

Hi sorry quick Q, when i try to finish it clicking 'bat file' nothing happens, i will click and click and nothing spurs on from it. Help is really appreciated as these crashes are driving me up the wall! Thank you!

Yagami said...

you can create your own bat file if the program won't create one.

1. open notepad.

2. write the following (where ** is write the location of fps limiter eg: C:\"Documents and Settings\Profile\Desktop\FPS_Limiter_0.2\"FPS_Limiter.exe):

start ** /r:D3D9 /f:60 /x:OFF /l:OFF "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 World Adventures\Game\Bin\TS3EP01.exe

3. save the notepad document as a .bat file. Put this in the FPS limiter folder.

It will work the same as if the program created it. Hope that helps.

Emma said...

I tried doing that but it won't let me save it in the folder, I think the problem is with my winrar. Thank you anyway!

Chris said...

I have done everything that is mentioned here, yet I can't seem to it work. Is there a certain exe that I must use, I've used 04 (Night life, latest expansion) and 01 (World Adventures expansion. I havn't managed to get it working though, I also have done the 60 FPS and tried 30 FPS, do I need to select the other 2 options that are there? Or any other ideas?

Would be much appreciated, I would like to do my Simfu matches in a higher speed and be able to sleep in the World Adventures places without being stuck on normal speed.

(Just a note, I still experience these random 15 second freezes on normal speed)

Anonymous said...

i managed to create my bat file but when i opened it, it just stay as it is. it says starting C:\..... but it won and will never start. what did i do wrong?

Anonymous said...

Is there another site you can link me to? I don't trust 4share and megaupload has died. :<